Zoom Lover Signet w/ White Diamond Frame
Zoom Lover Signet w/ White Diamond Frame

Lover Signet w/ White Diamond Frame


The latest version of the Lover Signet is larger and icier than the original. It is set with 1 ct of rubies around the outside and 0.33 ct of diamonds on the face. The engraved top sits high so that the 25 stones set around its circumference are featured prominently. Although it is a heavy ring, it sits comfortably on the finger. The body of the shank has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and acts as a pedestal so both the powerful message and the beautiful stones are showcased high atop the finger. 

15 g

Length across face: 23 mm

Height of face: 10 mm

Width from face to shank (stone setting): 4 mm

Width of band: approximately 4 mm

The Be a Lady Signet is made-to-order, so please allow about 3-4 weeks for production and delivery.  For rush options, please contact: sales@drujewelry.com

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