From Designer Thea Miller

DRU. was born out of a desire to create meaning and make sense out of life’s complexities. I have always been drawn to icons and images that symbolize strength and have provided hope and solace throughout history, so my collection began there. As DRU. evolved, I began to incorporate inspiring words and meaningful mantras meant to empower and embolden the wearer, while keeping with the DRU. aesthetic of quality, uniqueness, and edge. 

I am drawn to duality: the fragile lines separating the light and the dark and the interplay of the two. Distinct in its authenticity, DRU. oftentimes uses irony and humor to reveal truth. Like the hidden meanings in many of the pieces, there are also subtle details that are meant to engage one’s curiosity and wonder: colored gemstones in unexpected places and unique shapes that play with shape and structure. Because DRU. understands the ingenuity of its customers and embraces their individuality, most pieces are customizable in metals, stones, and mantras. 

From the whimsical to the bold, my jewelry is designed to foster connectivity and instill a sense of protection—whether it be from the painful or just the mundane. More than anything, I want the wearer of my jewelry to feel braver, stronger, and more able to tackle what seems insurmountable. My inspiration comes from the women and men who wear my jewelry--their struggles, fears, and feelings, for it is these truths that bind us to one another.

All pieces are designed and made in Los Angeles.